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I am Mia and as you can tell from my username, I have an immense book-lust (and I belong to Zayn)

The idea of making a blog on books hit me one night at 2 am when I had ju Moyes.

I really do not know what happened but suddenly, among all the tears (that book is sad, I tell you) I felt something. Something I could not put a finger across. And that intimidated me. For some reason I thought- if I can feel it, I can write it down. That was not the first time I felt that feeling. Every time I finish a book I feel it. The essence of the book. I’m sure everyone who reads a book feels it. I guess that is what makes people write reviews.

Thus, I decided, why not try?

This blog however, is going to be a little different from mere reviews. I mean reviews are cool but you know they are like a brief of the plot and the feeling of the reader who is writing it.

I have always read tqhose blogs with recaps of dramas. They make it so that you don’t have to watch the drama to know what’s going on. You can just read them. Plus, they’re filled with reactions for some scenes and stuff that make you say ‘haha! Same!’

And that’s what I’ll try to illustrate. Reactions to the characters and what they’re doing it saying and things that will make you laugh maybe? I’ll try my best to do that!

Would you like to give it a try? Just one try won’t hurt. I want to know if I can get you hooked!

Hope you enjoy!


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The Princess Diaries [Book 1] Review/Recap (part 1)

Author: Meg Cabot

Blogger: Mia/@zaynsbookworm

Nature: review/recap

Source: Purchased paperback version of The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

All quotes used, the excerpt (of the said book) and the description (of the said book), that are present in this blog are the creations of Meg Cabot, the author of The Princess Diaries. Neither do I own them nor did I create them. However, the rest of the contents in this blog are my personal creation that I hold the copyright of and it would be expected that no one copies them.


‘You’re not Mia Thermopolis anymore, honey,’ Dad said. I raised my head. ‘I’m not?’ I said, blinking. ‘Then who am I?’ He went, kind of sadly, ‘You’re Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo, Princess of Genovia.’

A Princess?? Me???

Yeah, right.


One minute Mia’s totally normal. Next minute she’s heir to the throne of Genovia. Well, her dad can lecture her until he’s royal-blue in the face, but no way is Mia going to behave like some posh princess. And they think she’s moving to Genovia? Er, hello?


Mia’s (yeah that’s my name too) report:

The book starts with our​ protagonist Mia  getting a little upset about the fact that her mother just handed her a journal. She thinks Mia is not being honest with her own feelings and a good way to let them out it writing them (obviously Mia is not sharing them with her mother and her mom knows that she never would).

Which is true because Mia seems to be a professional liar like you and me and it’s revealed in the first line.

Sometimes it seems like all I ever do is lie

I’d say her mum is really cool. Mine would arrange an interrogation with me that she’d call a ‘heart-to-heart  between mother and daughter’ (more like a negotiation with the detective mum) If I ever let her sense that I am hiding my true feelings from her or keeping secrets.

Of course we soon find out the reasons causing Mia to lie and get​ overly ridden by guilt later on. Turns out her mum is dating her algebra teacher. And she feels quite upset about it. Especially because

There are four million people in Manhattan, right? That makes about two million of them guys. So out of TWO MILLION guys, she has to go out with Mr Gianini. She can’t go out with some guy I don’t know. She can’t go out with some guy she met at D’Agostino’s or wherever. Oh, no.

She has to go out with my Algebra Teacher.

Don’t worry Mia, I’d feel the same way. I’d actually move to some other country if that happens, to be very honest. If you make me salads with peanuts, I’ll just pick off the peanuts and throw them because I hate the idea of them, peanuts. But living with my Algebra Teacher as my step-father? For the rest of my life? No thanks, I’d rather take a bowl out to Central Park and stare at people’s food like the homeless people there. 

Moving on, we get an insight to Mia’s mind and guess what? She’s just as weird as half of us with a height of 5’9″, a flat chest, An F in Algebra (oh the irony) and a huge crush on her school’s popular jock Josh Ritchers.

unnamed (1)

This crush is too much to the extent where Mia wants him to kiss her like he kisses his girlfriend Lana Weinberger (the french type) AND she gets a free sample of the Cologne he uses (Drakkar Moir, in case you’re wondering) so she can smell him whenever she wants. 

Um. Creepy but… Not a very bad idea. Not that I’m ever trying that (or maybe I would).

Mia might be flunking Algebra but turns out she has this extremely smart best friend , Lilly Moscovitz. I’m saying she’s very smart, not just because she is, but also because of the following comparison between the way Mia and Lilly’s brains work: 

Lilly’s View on Why Josh Ritchers said ‘Hi’ to Mia at Bigelow’s (where they accidentally bumped into each other), as written by Mia:

Lilly says Josh’s synapses were probably misfiring that day, due to heatstroke or something. She said he probably thought I looked familiar, but couldn’t place my face without the cement block walls of Albert Einstein High behind me. Why else, she asked, would the most popular senior in high school say hey to me, Mia Thermopolis, a lowly freshman.

unnamed (3)


Mia’s View on Why Josh Ritchers said ‘Hi’ to Mia at Bigelow’s (where they accidentally bumped into each other), as written by Mia:

But I know it wasn’t a heatstroke. The truth is, when he’s away from Lana and all his jock friends, Josh is a totally different person. The kind of person who doesn’t care if a girl is flat chested or wears size eight shoes. The kind of person who can see beyond all that, into the depths of a girl’s soul. I know because when I looked into his eyes that day at Bigelow’s, I saw the deeply sensitive person inside him, struggling to get out.

Whoa there, that’s so deep I could drown.

unnamed (6)

Now we can observe who’s more sensible. 

Lilly, turns out, is also against Mia’s lies because, as she says, Mia has an ‘overactive imagination and a pathological need to invent drama in her life’. Her being upset due to her mother’s relationship being the classic example.

Mia has different views, though. She wants her mom to be happy and remain happy even if it means Mia needs to go around lying about her feelings on the cause of her mother’s happiness.

She’s not about to stomp on her mum’s first date with Mr G (as she calls her Algebra Teacher) or spoil her mother’s sudden urge to ditch take outs and cook pasta. Especially after her mum made it without putting any meatballs in the sauce, seeing as to how Mia is a Vegetarian.
Awe that’s so sweet. It’s actually a good cause behind the lie to keep someone happy.

unnamed (8)

Again, the following day we find Mia is getting more obsessed with this whole ‘My-Mom-Is-Dating-My-Algebra-Teacher’ thing to the point where she herself gets grossed out on her own thoughts about her Mom and Mr G’s jobs. Jobs including tongues and lips and saliva swap, I mean. She also notices that her Algebra Teacher’s nostrils stick out a lot.

unnamed (9)

And remember Josh Ritchers’ girlfriend Lana Weinberger? Turns out she’s this big mean cheerleader and Mia’s nemesis. Damn story dramas.

unnamed (10)-1

I mean look at Mia-she shouldn’t even attract too much attention given the way she looks (except the part about hey height). But damn she had to be noticed by a mean cheerleader and hated because she does not have perfect hair, perfect face and definitely not the perfect hormone secretion given that she’s still flat chested.
Moving on we find the reason why Lilly is so smart AND knows more about the way human brains work than Mia. It’s because Lilly’s parents are psychologists who Mia calls the Drs Moscovitz.

Mia, it turns out, does not want to spill anything on how she feels about her mother’s relationship with her Algebra Teacher even to the Drs Moscovitz (she thinks Lilly’s parents were trying to analyse her on account of how they kept casually popping the question every five minutes) because she thinks the next time they (Lilly’s parents) run into her mum they are going to tell her that Mia is upset about it. Her relationship with Mr G I mean. Which is a good thought actually The fact that Mia is not telling them her feelings. Mia seems to having a security check on her lies. 

However, in the middle of those conversations with the Drs Moscovitz it turns out Lilly’s older brother heard it. The part where Mia’s Mom is dating Mr G.

_______________End of Part 1______________

Mia’s Note (a bit important if you’re planning on reading any more):

That’s the end of  part 1 of the recap on The Princess Diaries [Book 1]. This is NOT the end of the whole of book 1’s review of course (so navy juicy parts to come). I have decided to make these reviews/recaps like one of those Drama Recap blogs. You know where without watching the drama you know the plot and whatever happens, and it’s written by a fan so you can relate to those little comments that they write as a reaction to something the characters are doing. Yeah, I’m planning of doing something like that.

It’s going to be in parts though. The like one book is going to be divided into several parts depending on how it progresses and how long the chapters are or whether any major character is introduced or maybe sometimes cliffhangers ;).

 Diaries series is very close to my heart and I have read and re-read the series so many times, it’s all almost memorised lol. 

I have tried my best to edit it all. However, if there are any mistake (mostly autocorrect or typo errors) please don’t hesitate to point that out. Also, I’m not very well-informed about everything in grammar so if there are any mistake please point that out without hesitation.

I hope it’s a good read, next part will be up as soon as possible.